CASPA (Comparison and Analysis of Special Pupil Attainment)

CASPA purchase agreement via NASS

NASS Members can Purchase CASPA at reduced rates!

NASS is an official distributor of CASPA and support provider to its member schools and is able to offer its members a significant discount on CASPA licence prices.

CASPA is a simple and easy-to-use tool to assist with the analysis and evaluation of attainment and progress of pupils with Special Educational Needs. It is a valuable tool in demonstrating achievement and progress to stakeholders such as parents and Ofsted.

CASPA provides schools with comparative data for individual pupils, cohorts within the school and the whole school to allow the bench-marking of attainment and progress, taking into account the pupil’s age, level of prior attainment and the Special Educational Needs of the pupil. CASPA will also provide analyses to meet the needs of all those who require access to such information.

Assessment data in electronic format can be imported in to CASPA from other assessment packages and sources, e.g. B Squared; PIVATS; Common Transfer Files; Assessment Manager 7 and Excel spreadsheets. Bench-marking data is available as soon as results are entered or imported into CASPA.

CASPA provides tools to ensure the consistency of assessments within your school along with everything you will need to support the judgements you make about your pupils. It will provide you with assessments for both current and historic years, allow you to predict targets for one year ahead plus end of key stage targets for two years ahead where applicable and you will be able to save multi-media evidence and other documents to support your assessments within CASPA.

How to Purchase CASPA

Licences for CASPA cover a 12 month period from 16th August to 15th August.  Where a licence is purchased mid-year, a pro-rata arrangement is applied.  A Single School licence allows unrestricted use of CASPA within a single school.

The licence fee for a Single School licence for CASPA covering the period 16th August 2021 to 15th August 2022 is £515 + VAT per school.


To purchase a licence for the CASPA software please complete the licence purchase agreement in full, and return it to NASS with the licence fee payment. The address for sending your order to is NASS, PO Box 705, YORK, YO30 6WW. Orders will not be accepted without the completed purchase agreement and payment.

All software orders will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis. However, priority will be given to those schools who expect to be subjected to an Ofsted Inspection within 90 days of the date that their order is received by NASS. We anticipate high demand and will be processing orders in batches. We expect that all orders will be processed within 28 days but, if we anticipate delays, we will notify you of this before processing your payment.

Maintaining Organisations, who hold NASS membership under the group membership scheme and maintain two or more schools, will be entitled to receive the LA Module (used to aggregate data returns from schools) of CASPA at no additional charge, providing two or more of their schools have purchased CASPA through NASS.

NASS members that have already purchased CASPA from SGA Systems are eligible to transfer their licence renewal to NASS to take advantage of the discounted licence renewal fee.

NON NASS Member Schools

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CASPA Helpdesk Support & Training

If you require helpdesk support with CASPA please email  For training enquiries contact